“La carne fa carne, lu pane fa sanghe, e lu vine mandè.”
“Flesh makes flesh, bread makes blood, and wine makes strength.”

Abruzzo, at the gateway to southern Italy, prepares you to immerse yourself in the beauty of southern Italy, thanks to its parks and protected areas, such as Gran Sasso National Park and Majella Park, true oases of peace and nature. Abruzzo is washed by the Adriatic Sea, and on its coasts it is possible to admire the ancient constructions with which Abruzzo fishermen used to procure fish: the Trabocchi.
A unique dish of this wonderful area is Pallotte cac’ e ova, traditionally prepared on Sunday mornings for family lunches. The cured meat that par excellence succeeds in representing Abruzzo, on the other hand, is Ventricina, red as fire and slightly spicy because it is kneaded with fresh chili pepper.

Discover the most delicious specialties of Abruzzo, a generous region with an amazing culinary tradition!