Aosta Valley

“Oeuf d’une heure, pain d’un jour, vin d’un an.”
“Egg of an hour, bread of a day, wine of a year.”

Despite being the smallest region in Italy, the Aosta Valley boasts the highest peaks in all the Alps. In the unspoiled nature of the Gran Paradiso Park, herdsmen graze their livestock from which they then milk the milk used to make tasty cheeses. Wine and beer, in this small region, still manage to carve out a space for themselves among the culinary goodness, thanks to the not excessively hot climate and the very fresh spring water from its mountains.
The quintessential Valdostan dish, to be eaten after a cold day of hiking in the mountains, is polenta concia accompanied by Fontina Valdostana DOP fondue.

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Aosta Valley

Lager “Blues”

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Aosta Valley

Lager “Swing”

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