“D’a morza vena ‘a forza.”
“To be good and strong, you need to be well nourished.”

Calabria is also known as the tip of the Italian boot. Separated only by a few kilometers of sea from Sicily, it is characterized above all by the diversity of its landscapes, which move quickly from the high peaks of Aspromonte to the splendid crystal-clear sea.
One of the regions of Italy where tradition is still very much ingrained, if you are in Calabria you cannot miss the magnificent village of Tropea and the many village festivals that all year round illuminate these places.
In spite of the many kilometers of coastline, Calabrian cuisine is historically peasant-based, and the absolute protagonist is the famous chili pepper of Calabria. Extra virgin olive oil is the most precious treasure of this land, so much so that almost every family in Calabria has olive trees to grow.

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