“Meglio murí sazzio ca campà diúno.”
“Better to die full than to live fasting.”

If you’re in Campania, you’re bound to do two things: eat the local specialties and admire the beauty around you. In Campania you can decide to visit the historic Royal Palace of Caserta (you won’t need a whole day!), hike the slopes of Vesuvius (where pizza is said to have been invented!), relax on the Amalfi Coast or the beautiful islands of Ischia and Capri, and much more.
Some of Campania’s sweet specialties are the Pastiera (typical Easter cake), Babà or cream zeppole; in the town of Gragnano you can find the best pasta in the world, while the fertile soils of Cilento grow unparalleled jewels such as Friarielli broccoli or Campania’s famous tomatoes.

Taste the specialties of Campania, you won’t be able to do without them anymore!

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