Cibi e vini italiani da gustare e regalare durante a Natale


In Italy, Christmas celebrations are a time for the whole family to get together, obviously all around a set table full of Italian specialities.
From great wines, cold meats and cheeses as appetisers, to sauces and specialities with a centuries-old tradition, Christmas meals can offer one goodness after another. And at the end of the meal you cannot miss the leavened dessert par excellence, Panettone, king of Christmas to be eaten strictly during the opening of presents.
Find the perfect gift for you and all your loved ones to enjoy a Christmas with a unique taste!


How can you resist a slice of artisanal Panettone?

Soft and fragrant, Panettone is one of the greatest joys that Christmas brings. From traditional to innovative, craftsmanship is the characteristic that unites them all: discover all the ones we have selected for you!

Panettone al cioccolato per pranzo e cena di Natale
Box regalo di Natale cibo e vino

Elegant boxes to give the real Made in Italy as a gift

A selection of the best packaged products placed in beautiful solid pine boxes, the gift anyone dreams of finding under the tree. 
Alternatives for all tastes and various sizes, choose the one that’s right for you!

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21,20 250 ml

Here’s to the Christmas holidays

Sparkling wines are a must on your table.
Special Metodi Classici to celebrate with family and friends a Christmas of Italian food.

sparkling wines