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The People: Alfredo Cetrone

The Philosophy: Producing each year extra virgin olive oil of a better quality than the previous year, thanks to its magnificent olive trees located on the Pontine Hills

Olive grower by passion. This is the signature of Alfredo Cetrone.
Passion, expertise, care and experience have led the Cetrone Company to be the spearhead of olive growing in Latium. At 500 meters above sea level, in the coastal strip of the Lepini Mountains, between the Circeo National Park and the Campo Soriano Karst Natural Monument in southern Lazio, this is where the Cetrone Olive Farm is located. A pristine environment that seems to have been created to grow olive trees from which to extract extra virgin olive oil of a unique and inimitable quality. 
Alfredo is the heir to a tradition of olive growers that dates back to 1860. About 100 hectares of olive groves in which 20,000 centuries-old trees are cultivated, this is the heritage handed down in the Cetrone family: a priceless and unparalleled wealth.
The queen of the Cetrone estate is the Itrana olive cultivar. The natural rocky conformation of the land, constantly kissed by the sun and influenced by the sea breeze of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the not indifferent altitude, as well as the passion and attention that Alfredo puts into the harvesting, production and processing phases, determine the very high quality of Cetrone’s EVO oil, obtained only from healthy, fresh, hand-picked olives, and milled on the same day strictly cold.

ALFREDO CETRONE is a true living legend in the world of extra virgin olive oil. His passion and meticulousness make him able to make the most of the wonderful variety of olives he has, the Itrana cultivar. Despite his wealth, Alfredo is a simple and humble person who has made olive growing his reason for living, managing to push the quality of the oil he extracts from his family’s olive trees to the nth power.
The best way to thank and gratify Alfredo for his work? Try his fantastic Itrana extra virgin olive oil!

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