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The People: Rosa Canu and her family

The Philosophy:Continue raising sheep and processing their raw milk using ancient methods

In Sardinia, time seems to stand still. A pearl set in the Mediterranean Sea with centuries-old traditions that continue to be handed down, generation after generation, and endless clearings still in the wild, the ideal habitat of dairy animals such as cows but especially sheep. In a small village in northern Sardinia, Rosa Canu and master shepherds take their sheep out to pasture every day, leaving all 600 of them free to graze on the freshest and tastiest grass and wild spices, from which wonderful cheeses are then made. The skillful hands of the Sardinian shepherds of the Canu farm shape and smoke the cheeses using processes entirely similar to those used for the famous Sardinian Fiore, for genuine and inimitable products.

ROSA CANU is the guardian of the farm’s tradition. Sheep cheeses of various ages smoked as her ancestors did and the very rare Fresa di Ittiri, a Slow Food presidium produced almost solely for family consumption in Sardinian families but which Rosa has decided to make available to everyone. Processing, needless to say, is done strictly by hand, using only raw milk from her own sheep and with traditional wooden and copper tools. It may be hard to imagine but thanks to this maniacal attention and dedication, the difference in Rosa’s cheeses can be felt and is incredible.

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