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The People: Elisa and Claudia Pozzo

The Philosophy: Continuing the family business by using modern means to bring old-fashioned wines to life

Upper Piedmont is a fascinating land of great food and wine potential. On the shores of the small lake of Viverone, at elevations of about 400 meters above sea level and enveloped by the microclimate favorable to vine cultivation because of good temperature ranges, are the vineyards of Azienda Agricola Pozzo, led by sisters Elisa and Claudia Pozzo. 
Founded in the 1960s, years in which grandfather Marcellino produced wine mainly to sell it in demijohns, use it as a bargaining chip or for self-consumption, the winery proper began to take shape 20 years later, when Elisa and Claudia’s father, a master in the art of ironworking, provided new equipment and several barrels he built himself. Over the years it is first Elisa who takes over from her father, who nonetheless continues to remain in the business providing his decades of experience, followed by her sister Claudia. Today the two sisters form a truly rare and enviable mix of enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the land.
Erbaluce is the main grape variety of the winery and of the upper Piedmont in general, Elisa and Claudia in fact have learned to make the most of it in all its forms and facets. Try it to believe.

ELISA AND CLAUDIA are two modern women, multitasking as only they know how to be and full of ideas and enthusiasm. 
Elisa is the eldest sister who, after studying fashion in Milan, felt very strongly the call of her land and returned to continue the cultivation of the family vineyards: in fact, she is the main architect of the pruning that prepares the vines to be reborn in spring. 
Claudia is the younger sister; fascinated by the world of catering and the role that wine plays within it, she has gained a great deal of experience over the years in numerous renowned restaurants, before returning home bringing her own taste and ideas.
Grace and strength, knowledge and craftsmanship, ideas and enthusiasm: these are the characteristics of the Pozzo sisters, which are not so difficult to find in their wines.

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