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The People: Baghi’s boys

The Philosophy:Use only the best ingredients for their cakes and know the suppliers of raw materials personally

Luxury according to Baghi’s? Not using additives or preservatives in their pastries. In a world like the pastry business, where finding those who work with traditional methods and only natural ingredients seems an impossible feat, the guys at Baghi’s sing out of the choir and try their best to spread the culture of good and healthy food. Their philosophy does not contemplate any artificially or ad hoc created ingredients for certain business needs: the search for the best possible raw materials, from flour to butter, from milk to eggs, is the solid starting point necessary to make cakes of the highest level, with scents and flavors of yesteryear.

Cookies, cakes, meringues and more, the folks at Baghi’s are all-around pastry artists. The lion’s role, however, is played by the leavened products, whose recipes are strictly secret and jealously guarded: the mother yeast for them is like a member of the family, a child who must be cared for, who grows, changes and brings great satisfaction, contributing together with the other ingredients to create desserts of excellence. So the cakes rise unhurriedly, 50, 60 or 70 hours, just like in the old days, when what counted was taste and being able to share the passion of good food with loved ones. This is the true aristocracy of food.

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