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The People: John, Roberto, Samuele and Tommaso

The Philosophy: Having fun brewing, creating products that they enjoy first and foremost and that make them proud

Style before color. This is one of the mottos of Birrificio 61Cento. The guys from the brewery in Pesaro, a seaside town in the northern Marche region, have a well-defined idea of how they would like their brewery to be in the collective imagination and how they interpret the world of beer: reducing the infinite number of existing beers to 4 colors (blonde, white, dark and red) is limiting and misleading, which is why 61Cento’s beers are based on style rather than color. American Amber lager, Milk Stout, Italian Weiss, beers with a well-defined character and identity, just like the guys at 61Cento, guys who love challenges, Pesaro and beer.

JOHN, ROBY, SAMU and TOMMY are four friends who are passionate about beer before they are producers. When you talk to them you feel the real Marche Riviera, the fiery and witty one, with them you can’t get bored. The guys are always ready to welcome in the warehouse anyone who wants to taste the beers of 61Cento: on the ground floor the laboratory where the magic of beer takes shape, upstairs a wonderful tasting room where you can spend a few hours of happiness tasting the fantastic craft beers of the guys of Birrificio 61Cento and listening to the history, origins and peculiarities of each of them. 

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