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The People: Antonio and Paola

The Philosophy:Brewing “mountain beer” with the best ingredients with great passion

B63, in the heart of beautiful Aosta, was born in 2010 from Antonio and Paola’s boundless passion for the oldest drink in the world. Antonio is the master brewer, Paola follows the sales and public relations part. Antonio accepts no exceptions; he brews his beers strictly unpasteurized and unfiltered, raw beers inspired by the Germanic style, alive and ever-changing. The ingredients used for the beers are carefully selected, to leave nothing to chance and to obtain a product with the best possible organoleptic characteristics. Their brewing facilities are designed and created by an artisan and are therefore customized and adapted to the style of B63. Each beer is named after the musical style that most reflects its characteristics.

ANTONIO AND PAOLA are true beer connoisseurs. In their laboratory, which is always open for visits and tastings, they love to experiment with the most unthinkable combinations, but always with the support and basis of traditional methods. This is how cheese beer, a tribute to their territory, created using fontina cheese whey, or even herb beer, designed to accompany tastings of cured meats, was born. The brewery and the beers are constantly evolving, as are Antonio and Paola, hungry for knowledge and thirsty… for beer!

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Aosta Valley

Lager “Swing”

5,00 33 cl

Aosta Valley

Lager “Blues”

5,20 33 cl
5,80 33 cl