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The People: Andrea and Lisa

The Philosophy: Continuously experimenting with new beers using new flavors, without making compromises that undermine the craftsmanship of the beers

A beer without compromise. Andrea and Lisa like to define each of their creations this way. The idea of the brewery was born way back in 2007, after a trip to Belgium and a visit to a famous brewery that was able to awaken in them a passion that was struggling to emerge. After countless experiments in the garage at home, liters and liters of beer drunk with friends (just to taste and test, let’s be clear), in 2012 Birrificio Ofelia became a reality. In 2016, production is going strong and the small 1.2 hectoliter facility is a squeeze for Andrea and Lisa, so much so that they decide to take the plunge and move to a larger space with a 12 hectoliter facility. Today, Ofelia is a craft microbrewery producing beers of the highest quality, the result of years of experimentation and the passion of its two leaders. 

ANDREA AND LISA come from the world of business, so far at the same time close to the world of beer. 
Andrea is the Master Brewer, with a destiny as an accountant he decided to change his life dedicating body and soul to beer. His experience with numbers helps him but it is his curiosity and desire to travel and discover that makes Ophelia’s beers so special. 
Lisa is the image of the company. She changed her life first by starting out running a trattoria and then embarking on the brewery adventure with Andrea. Her culinary knowledge makes her a master at choosing the right ingredients for Ofelia beers, taken from the local area or chosen during her fantastic travels.

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