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The People: Leonardo, Riccardo e Valerio Rosati

The Philosophy:Raising Cinta Senese pigs in the wild to produce cured meats “the way they used to be”

In Chianciano Terme, a town that has always been devoted to tourism and an excellent starting point for visiting the unparalleled historical and natural beauties of Tuscany, such as Siena, the spectacular Val d’Orcia and the unforgettable hills of Montepulciano, there is a small family-run farm that raises a historic Tuscan breed of pig in the wild, in accordance with tradition: the Cinta Senese breed. Brothers Leonardo, Riccardo and Valerio Rosati continue their family’s centuries-old tradition, raising a prized and sought-after breed of pigs and cultivating small plots of land to make an unfailing wine to accompany the fabulous cured meats this pig gives us.

Leonardo, Riccardo and Valerio raise Cinta Senese pigs exclusively in the wild and feed the animals only natural food. The brothers make this traditional Tuscan farming method the secret to products of inimitable quality in terms of flavor and meat texture. Even the wine, which the Rosati family proudly produces, is worthy of the best Tuscan school. The Rosati brothers, Cinta Senese cured meats and Tuscan wine: can you ask more from life?  

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