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The People: Rosalia Caluso

The Philosophy: Gathering the highest quality ingredients to make traditional Tuscan sauces and specialties

Tuscany is a region rich in beauty, history, art and, above all, excellent food and wine products. Precisely because of this richness, Rosalia Caluso’s small and genuine company was born in 2003. The goal of Caccia e Corte is simple: to enhance Tuscan sauces, one of the culinary wonders of this region, through the use of selected raw materials and through respect for tradition. Aluminum pans and autoclaves for sterilizing sauces, these are the only tools allowed in Rosalia Caluso’s kitchen, Toyland for all lovers of true Tuscan cuisine.

ROSALIA CALUSO is uncompromising when it comes to traditional Tuscan sauces. Every day Rosalia selects from small local producers the raw materials best suited for her processes: 100% Italian tomato pulp and extra virgin olive oil, top-quality meat, above all Chianina IGP veal and Cinta Senese DOP pork, fine Chianti red wine to give that extra sprint to her sauces. Additives and preservatives are absolutely forbidden, but frankly, with products like these, we see no reason why they should be used.

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Duck ragù

8,30 180 g