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The People: Melchiorre Angelica and Salvatore Angelica

The Philosophy:Enhancing in the most natural way possible the incredible products of southeastern Sicily

We are in the deep south of Italy, in the truest and wildest Sicily, we are in the sunny and generous Val di Noto, a land of extraordinary food and sincere people. Driving along roads surrounded by lush nature, we arrive at contrada Calaforno, where the agrobiological company Calaforno of Melchiorre and Salvatore Angelica has its base of operations. The path to get there is unpaved, rugged and wedged between streams and small hills. The effort, however, is repaid by expectations: the sight of the Angelica family’s centuries-old olive trees is worth all the effort put in. The farm has a state-of-the-art laboratory where the processing of raw materials, strictly Sicilian and almost exclusively grown by the farm itself, takes place. Wild fennel, olives, the fantastic Giarratana onion, the pride of the company, are just some of the raw materials grown and used by Melchiorre and Salvatore for their products.

MELCHIORRE AND SALVATORE are father and son, custodians of the traditions and generous lands of the Angelica family. Sincere and welcoming people who love their work and their land, Melchiorre and Salvatore do not even consider using raw material that is not Sicilian and natural. Has it been a difficult year for carob? Will balsamic be produced next year; is wild fennel available in limited quantities? It will mean we will produce little pounded. This is their philosophy, a consistent philosophy that puts quality first, at the expense of quantity. 

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