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The People: South Tyrolean breeders and refiners
The Philosophy: Enhancing dairy production in Trentino, with traditional cow cheeses and innovative goat cheeses

In today’s globalized world, knowing the origin of what we find on our plates is an almost impossible feat. However, there are still people in Italy with a passion for good and healthy things, people who care about making their cheese right next to where the animals graze every day, to keep all the essences of the landscape intact. Such is the case with Capriz, a South Tyrolean dairy viscerally attached to tradition and territory, which selects and manually processes milk only from small high-altitude pastures and ages its cheeses using natural methods and materials.

CAPRIZ is tradition but also innovation. In addition to the classic Trentino pasture cow, which is capable of giving truly exciting milk, the small dairy wanted to take a risk to try to bring back to the mountains of South Tyrol an animal that used to inhabit them in ancient times, but in recent decades has risked disappearing from the territory: the goat. Capriz’s goal is to make cheeses available to everyone that are exceptional in taste and authenticity of the raw material. Biodiversity is also this, and Capriz’s cheeses are proof that passion and excellent raw materials can result in unparalleled products, try it to believe it.  

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Trentino-South Tyrol

Lagrein red wine jelly

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