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The People: Aurelio Del Bono and Emilio Del Bono

The Philosophy:Cultivating the vineyard and making wine in tune with nature and independently

Two old-fashioned winemakers, the kind who seem born to make wine, the kind who do not need the help of chemistry to give dreams inside a goblet. These are Aurelio and Emilio Del Bono, the brothers who founded Casa Caterina back in 1984 and have managed to become big while remaining small.
Casa Caterina’s land extends for only 14 hectares, from which, moreover, the two brothers aim every year to obtain very low yields of grapes, wine quality being their prerogative. Every year Aurelio and Emilio succeed in achieving their goal by creating unique and unrepeatable wines, mainly Metodi Classici pushed to the limit by aging that only in rare exceptions extend for less than 48 months. The mastery that the brothers have acquired over years and years of harvesting and winemaking is sublimated by the incredible wine-growing area in which Casa Caterina’s soils are located: Franciacorta.   

AURELIO AND EMILIO DEL BONO make wines of great personality, completely uninterested in what are passing fads and trends, so much so that they have never wanted to bear the Franciacorta label, which brings great fame but also so many obligations and rules to submit to. Aurelio and Emilio are not only two winemakers with a well-defined personality and style, they are also study and a lot of curiosity: to learn how to produce great Metodi Classii they listened and learned from the best, making experiences on their own skin and making mistakes themselves, but managing after all to remain authentic and natural, just like their wines.
Two brothers who are masters of the vineyard, long-aged Metodi Classici and Franciacorta: still have doubts?

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