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The People: Roberto, Cristina and their mother Oretta
The Philosophy: Enhancing their old vines and generous territory through cultivation methods that are as natural as possible

Right in the center of the Marche region, not far from the famous town of Jesi, with the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Apennines to the west, in a breathtaking hilly landscape 350 meters above sea level, the centuries-old manor house of Casaleta sits at the center of the estate’s own land. Siblings Roberto and Cristina have taken up the legacy of their parents and proudly carry on the vineyard that dates back more than seventy years and features an old native biotype of Verdicchio with a small, winged bunch and a curved tip. Roberto and Cristina’s prerogatives at Casaleta are simple and clear: produce high quality wines with recognizable indigenous characteristics, work with respect for the environment, and continually improve.

ROBERTO AND CRISTINA put all their passion into transforming grape juice into wine, putting the most modern processing technologies at the service of their old Verdicchio biotypes. The yields of their vineyards are deliberately low, their grapes are hand-picked and placed in small crates, pressing is soft and whole cluster, and aging takes place in stainless steel tanks and French barriques. The two siblings never thought for a moment about taking the easy way out, which is to uproot their own vineyard that is more than half a century old: they are convinced that the genetic material of their old vines is a priceless heritage for humanity, to be protected and increased.

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