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The People: Coccia sisters

The Philosophy:To keep intact the traditional processing methods handed down by grandfather and father, to continue to produce refined and high quality cured meats

The history of Coccia Sesto salumificio began more than a century ago in the Tuscia area, a territory between Rome and Tuscany, thanks to grandfather Nazzareno. The skilled pork butcher lent his skills at private homes in his home village, not far from the famous Norcia, the cradle of the art of charcuterie processing. In Italian tradition, at any given time of the year the area’s master pork butcher would be called upon to transform the household pig into delicious cured meats that would be consumed by the family during the following year. During World War II, grandfather Nazzareno’s son, Sesto, moved to the beautiful territory of Tuscia, where he continued to practice the family trade with great passion and dedication. The study of the territory and the desire to improve pushed him to open the Salumificio Coccia Sesto in 1947. Even today, since that day, the methods used remain artisanal and the ingredients are the best in the Viterbo area.

THE COCCIA SISTERS have inherited from their father and master, a love for this noble art and a precious diary of recipes, the special and secret ones of the incredible Sesto cold cuts. The sisters like to remember that that diary smells of Tuscia, of all the aromas that are then found in their artisanal salumi, still made the way Papa Sesto wanted. The enhancement of their beautiful territory comes first for them, because only thanks to it they can give life to unique and unrepeatable salumi.

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