Antonio De Quarto e figlia nei vigneti De Quarto
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The People: Antonio and Roberta De Quarto

The Philosophy: Looking at wine quality rather than quantity, valuing terroir and old estate vineyards

The De Quarto family has been in the wine business for generations. And it could not be otherwise, given the exceptionally suitable location for viticulture of the family’s historic lands. 20 hectares of vineyards located near the sea, overlooking the splendid Gulf of Taranto, in an area inhabited and used for the cultivation of vines since the times of Magna Graecia. The winemaking activity is now taken care of by Antonio De Quarto, who together with his daughter Roberta makes wine from native and estate grapes. The density per hectare is high, the red and limestone soils are perfectly sunny, yields are kept very low and harvesting is done exclusively by hand by selecting the best bunches; this maniacal care that Antonio imposes in the winemaking process of his grapes allows him to produce high quality, authentic and completely natural wines.

ANTONIO DE QUARTO is a man of other times, who cares about actions rather than words. Aided by his daughter Roberta, he proudly carries on his family’s tradition by cultivating the vines with total respect for nature and biodiversity, fermenting the grapes spontaneously exclusively with indigenous yeasts, without the aid of chemistry or synthetic products that would undermine the innate characteristics and qualities of a grape that is born in a magical land, in that land daughter of the sun called Apulia. 

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