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The People: Matteo Rubini and his family

The Philosophy: Making wholesome and natural food using only the fruits and vegetables grown on the farm’s land

Places where virtually everything you can eat is homemade still exist. We found one, in the Emilian countryside a few kilometers from Modena. Here Matteo Rubini, along with his father Giuseppe and sisters, grows fruit and vegetables surrounded by greenery in a surreal, timeless atmosphere. From apricots to cherries, eggplants to tomatoes, everything here has its own seasonality and the production of preserves and jams takes place according to nature’s intended rhythm. Walking among the fruit trees and in the fields, one realizes how natural it is to live in such an environment, at the service of nature, which is so generous that it returns all the good that is done to it. The Rubini family has lived and worked this way for 80 years, with the help of employees who have now become part of the family and who have decided to espouse the simple, but not easy, philosophy of the Rubini farm.

MATTEO RUBINI is a staunch defender of “good, homemade things” as they once were. From jams to fruit in syrup to vegetable preserves to balsamic vinegar from Modena, you won’t be able to find an ingredient that isn’t self-made. Only the extra virgin olive oil is sourced externally from the farm, but always meeting the huge quality standards desired: only the best quality Brisighella oil. Matteo’s philosophy is simple but clear: Our soil is not suitable for growing lemons? It will mean we won’t have any lemon products; this year’s apricot harvest was bad? It will mean that apricot jam will be present in limited quantities. 
A fair and honest thought, as it should normally be, but one that is very hard to come by nowadays.

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