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The People: Angelini family

The Philosophy: Continue to live and work according to the rhythms of nature, among the Umbrian mountains in an oasis of peace and excellent products

In the heart of Italy, traditional crops endure and survive. Among the mountains of the Umbria-Marches Apennines, an area that has always been suited to the cultivation of legumes and cereals of the most diverse varieties, the Angelini family makes agriculture an excellence to be handed down and protected. From the most classic legumes to the rarest ones, such as the legendary Umbrian Roveja, to one of the most prized varieties of spelt in the world, Monteleone Spelt, the only cereal able to boast the PDO. The Dolci Giuseppina farm is dynamic and enterprising, which is why it has devised a range of special products that in each case start from the home-grown raw material, the genuine and cultivated following nature’s times. She also has a real bean bank: more than 20 varieties carefully preserved and sown in alternate years.

THE ANGELINI FAMILY is united and dedicated. Mom and Dad started the business in the 1990s, and today the three children actively contribute to the work and are ready to take up this magnificent legacy. Simplicity is their defining characteristic: they love their mountains isolated from the contaminated world and would not trade their work for anything else in the world. To live in touch with nature and what she offers is a privilege, and the Angelini family does it very well.

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