Pistacchio verde di Bronte in guscio
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The People: Bonaccorso Family

The Philosophy: Enhancing and protecting from fraud Sicily’s most precious jewel, the green Pistachio from Bronte DOP.

In the first half of the 20th century, there were nearly 30,000 hectares planted with pistachios in Sicily. With the subsequent advent of industry, however, many of these were supplanted by more profitable and commercial crops. Many, but not all.
In fact, in Bronte, a small town in the province of Catania located right on the slopes of the volcano Etna, the cultivation of this emerald green jewel endures, touching levels of flavors and aromas that cannot be replicated elsewhere.
If today, in fact, we can enjoy this Sicilian wonder, part of the credit goes to the Bonaccorso family, custodian of 10 hectares of pistachio groves located along the slopes of Mount Etna, where harvesting (possible exclusively by hand) can be described as almost “acrobatic,” among volcanic rocks and prohibitive slopes.

THE BONACCORSO FAMILY has been handing down a visceral passion for the Pistacchio verde di Bronte DOP since 1960. It was Pietro Bonaccorso who founded what is now the company capable of processing the precious pistachios from its own land, realizing the project of his father Nunzio, who first began marketing these small and delicious fruits.
The cultivation and processing methods remain traditional and artisanal; the traceability and origin of the product are transparent: in fact, the Bonaccorso family takes an active part in the defense of the true Bronte Green Pistachio DOP, too often subject to counterfeiting and fraud, promoting its protection through the DOP trademark and membership in Slow Food Presidia.

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