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The People: Fish Different Team

The Philosophy: Use only fish caught in Italy by sustainable means and methods that respect the marine ecosystem

Fish Different is the future of the seas. The laboratory is located in Anoia, in the heart of southern Calabria, and processes only Italian fish, caught by Italian boats in the Mediterranean Sea. The Fish Different team’s prerogative is to market only fish from sustainable fisheries that do not destroy the wonderful marine ecosystems. 
The techniques used for fishing that Fish Different endorses are those done with the Lampara and the Cianciolo, typical Southern Italian techniques that employ small boats equipped with lamps and floating seine nets. The light from the Lampara only attracts the school of anchovies in close proximity, and the Cianciolo does not touch the bottom and therefore does not damage the seabed like trawls do.

THE FISH DIFFERENT TEAM cares about their land, Calabria, and all the seas surrounding it. That is why it fights every day and buys fish only from fishermen who use sustainable fishing methods, processes it in the most artisanal way possible, and uses only the best ingredients from the land of Calabria, to fully exploit the treasures of the southern Italian sea. The result is a doubly selected product: when fresh and at the potting, which is strictly done by hand.

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