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The People: Mattia and Giovanni

The Philosophy: Producing wine in one of the most vocated areas in the world while having fun doing it according to your own ideas

On the beautiful Langhe, in perhaps Italy’s most vocated area for viticulture, Giovanni and Mattia cultivate their three hectares of land with a very specific philosophy: to respect the ecosystem of the vineyard, to enjoy their work and, of course, to produce excellent wine.
Giovanni and Mattia, who grew up in Piedmont eonologically speaking, wanted to dedicate the name of their winery to a term from the Piedmontese dialect, Ghëddo, a word they learned while working in the vineyard with some old glories of the Langhe, masters who not only taught them the art of viticulture but also the way of life and speech of the people of the Langhe. 
Ghëddo is difficult to translate with a simple synonym. Ghëddo is initiative, but it is also the brio with which you carry it out, it is inspiration and stubbornness, it is willpower. If you have it, you cannot hide it, it is irrepressible and you can see it in your face: to have Ghëddo is to possess a soul that exudes genuine and elegant enthusiasm. 

GIOVANNI AND MATTIA truly have Ghëddo, you can see it in their faces. Both born in Milan but transplanted to the Langhe, they are lifelong friends and in 2014 managed to crown their dream of starting a winemaking business, moreover in a land as wonderful as Barolo. Giovanni is the agrarian and enological arm, Mattia is the commercial and administrative soul: an almost natural pairing that can only lead on the right track. 
Two men, three hectares, the Langhe and Ghëddo. A fantastic mix for authentic wines in which you can sense all the work of two enterprising guys.

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Barolo DOCG

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