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The People: Giacomo Grassi

The Philosophy: To put oneself at the service of nature by using the latest scientific knowledge to produce extraordinary oil and wine every year

Giacomo Grassi’s is a love story, almost a legend, between him and his partner Fiammetta but also between these two masters of extra virgin olive oil and the fabulous land of Chianti, where Giacomo’s land is located. 
Giacomo Grassi was born among the olive trees, with his father Rolando and grandfather Olinto masters in the art of olive pruning and olive growing. From them Giacomo learned the technique, inherited the passion and developed the talent for this noble art so ancient to the Tuscan territory. The company grows in quality as the years go by until the decisive turning point that launches Giacomo Grassi’s oil to the Olympus of extra virgin olive oils: in 2006 Giacomo meets Fiammetta, a talented agronomist who becomes Giacomo’s partner and over the years they increase the quality of the oil to unimaginable levels. 
Fiammetta has also been in the oil business for generations; in fact, she is the granddaughter of a well-known figure in the world of agriculture in the 1930s. Fiammetta’s grandfather wanted to increase the quality of teaching on olive pruning, which is essential for obtaining a good harvest and excellent olives. He then set out to find someone who would work in the field and be a master in this art: his search led him to a young boy with natural talent, and together they began a collaboration that would give a not inconsiderable boost to the world of olive oil in Tuscany. 
Seventy years later, Giacomo and Fiammetta get to know each other and discover that that boy with whom Fiammetta’s grandfather carried the name of Tuscany high in the world was none other than Olinto, Giacomo’s grandfather. 

GIACOMO GRASSI is a curious person with a visceral passion for olive trees and Chianti Classico. Always in the oil business, with his foresight he has focused on monovarietal oils since the 1990s and, with a few years of sacrifice, is now a benchmark in the world of extra virgin olive oil. The company produces as many as 16 different varieties of olives, not all of which are yet in production. Its approach to work is humble and follows a strictly scientific method: the trees and fruits are constantly monitored with chemical analysis to obtain oils with excellent nutritional values and unforgettable taste.

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