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The People: Giovanna Cerio

The Philosophy: Use only natural ingredients from their own land to cook traditional Molise recipes every day

Molise is a small region in southern Italy, bordering Apulia and rich in ancient traditions, breathtaking landscapes and great recipes all waiting to be discovered. The flavors of Molise in fact are Mediterranean flavors: warm, enveloping, exciting. 
“Il Nido del Pettirosso” is a small farm located in the green Molise countryside and proudly run by Giovanna Cerio, a Molise DOC who has been cooking since she was a child, as she learned from her mother and grandmother. Her passion for Molisian products and recipes was so strong that Giovanna felt it her duty to share, with anyone who wanted to, all the best that her land has to offer and that is perhaps not yet valued and known enough. So Giovanna prepares her preserves in what was once a country house, because a recipe of tradition must be traditional in every way, from the air those who cook it breathe, down to the last of the ingredients used: only in this way can Molise be unleashed in all its wonder.

GIOVANNA CERIO follows a very clear philosophy when preparing Molise delicacies. 
The fruits and vegetables used come only from small local producers in the vicinity of Ferrazzano, her home town; these farms cultivate with absolute respect for the natural environment. Everything used in the preparations is hand-selected by Giovanna herself, with a care and attention that a machine could not have. 
Tradition combined with innovation, this is the path Giovanna has chosen. Passion and attention in the selection of raw materials make Giovanna Cerio’s preserves products of absolute and unquestionable quality, the typical quality of Made in Italy. 

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