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The People: Dariella Finotello and Gastone Vio

Philosophy: Letting the earth express itself in the wine, letting the grapes evolve spontaneously, from the vineyard to the glass

Walking around the island of Sant’Erasmo one realizes that stopping time is possible. With a small boat departing a few times a day from the mainland, you can reach the island of Sant’Erasmo, a pearl of the Venetian lagoon also called “the vegetable garden of Venice”, because of the incredible flavor of its vegetables given by the flavor and minerality of the earth in which they grow.
After a few hundred meters of walking along the lagoon, the landscape begins to change and in a moment you find yourself immersed in Venetian nature, among vineyards, vegetable gardens and twentieth-century houses.
This is how, in this oasis of peace, one can arrive at the micro farm of Dariella Finotello and Gastone Vio. The couple, born and raised on the island, still cultivate here as they once did their hectare of Dorona vineyard, the only native Venetian vine, also called “Gold of Venice” because of the characteristic golden yellow color of its grapes.

Getting to know Dariella and Gastone is an experience that alone is worth the trip to the island.
Dariella is the classic strong Venetian woman, tempered by the hardships of life in the lagoon and proud of her magnificent land.
Gastone is pure passion for his land, a “self-taught” master in the art of viticulture, to which he also complements the cultivation of Sant’Erasmo’s typicality, the “Castradure,” small and delicious artichokes.
Completing the picture of the old-time Venetian family is Diego, a master glassmaker on the island of Murano, proud of his origins and the work of his parents.

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