Terreni del Cilento e coltivazioni Maida
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The People: Francesco Vastola

The Philosophy: Growing traditional Cilento fruits and vegetables while respecting the land and people

Cilento is a wonderful land, rich in history, art and natural beauty. Less famous than its sister, the Amalfi Coast, it stretches along the coast of Campania below Salerno and is capable of bewitching anyone who passes through, with its high cliffs overlooking a generous blue sea. 
Right in the heart of Cilento lies the land of the farm Francesco Vastola, called Maida, of the owner of the same name. A few kilometers from Paestum, one of the oldest cities in Italy and Europe, the land is able to give man its tastiest fruits, kissed by the sun and the sea. This is why since ancient times the inhabitants of this land have made agriculture their priceless treasure and have handed down the traditions until today, where Maida cultivates as nature dictates, only with natural methods.

FRANCESCO VASTOLA is the owner of Maida, made over the years and with the sacrifices of a lifetime a true excellence of craftsmanship in southern Italy. His family passes down the art of preserving what the bountiful land offers, so Francesco strongly believes that to have a superlative final product one must start with carefully selected raw materials, processed by hand and without the addition of unnecessary preservatives or additives, just as the ancient peasant recipes want. Fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables preserved in absolute quality oil, vegetable creams that are as natural as possible: when you buy Maida’s products you don’t have to worry, nature has already thought of everything.

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