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The People: Antonella and Raimondo

The Philosophy: Producing wine in close contact with nature and animals, trying to excite through it

Oltrepò Pavese is a magical and enchanted land, but one that is perhaps not valued as much as it should be. Its hilly soils, watered by the Po River, are naturally suited to viticulture. Here Raimondo and Antonella started their farm in 1991 and, with patience and determination, they have grown slowly, enologically speaking. The indigenous Croatina grape typical of this area is their flagship, to which, however, Barbera, Pinot Noir and Malvasia are added. The yields are deliberately low, because Antonella and Raimondo are interested in offering high quality wines, the result of respected soils and their vineyards, some of which are also very old. Martilde’s strong point? Certainly the excellent value for money.

ANTONELLA AND RAIMONDO left a promised life at the desk to devote body and soul to viticulture. For 30 years they have lived in the verdant hills of Oltrepò Pavese together with their beloved animals, to whom they have dedicated many of their labels. Antonella and Raimondo like to cultivate the vineyard naturally, in close contact with the land that welcomed them. 
Real, exciting wines that tell the story of a territory and of Antonella and Raimondo, two daredevils who turned their lives upside down to be in contact with nature.

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