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The People: Enrico and Maddalena

The Philosophy: Making everyone aware of the genuine and traditional products of the beloved land of Lucania

Senise is a small town rich in history located in the deep south of Italy. The town, founded in Roman times, has seen the most diverse and varied peoples pass through, enriching it over the years. The real jewel of this town, however, has only one name and it grows in the fertile soils surrounding Senise. It is the Senise IGP Pepper, a unique pearl with such characteristics that it is called the king of Lucanian cuisine.
In Senise, at the gates of the beautiful Pollino National Park, a small masseria prepares unique delicacies with the Senise Pepper and other excellent Lucanian products. This is the Masseria Agricola Buongiorno, led by Enrico and Maddalena, who are in love with their territory and passionate about its history. Here they grow the Senise bell pepper, which they turn into the legendary Crusco Pepper, an all-Lucan delicacy. Only what is grown on the farm is used at the masseria, for a controlled supply chain literally from the land to the table.

ENRICO AND MADDALENA are proud of all their products and love to experiment using Lucanian excellence. This gives rise to delicacies such as the Chocolate Crusco Pepper, Crusco ketchup and, of course, the classic Crusco Pepper, fried strictly in the oil produced on the farm.
Masseria Agricola Buongiorno also preserves the memory of Enrico’s aunt, the lady who ran the masseria more than 50 years ago, a master in the production of extra virgin olive oil and a skilled painter who used to sign her name with the acronym MAB, Maria Antonietta Buongiorno and, today thanks to Enrico and Maddalena, Masseria Agricola Buongiorno.

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