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The People: Massimiliano Gatti

The Philosophy: Raising bison in the wild, respecting their well-being to obtain unique and prized meat

On the shores of beautiful Lake Trasimeno, Massimiliano Gatti’s bison live in a semi-wild state. The breeding technique of this young reality is a fusion of traditional methods and the most modern technologies. The bison live in complete freedom, feeding on the hay and fresh grass found within a 30-kilometer radius of the facility; at the same time, the animals are monitored one by one to be able to guarantee them the greatest possible well-being. 
The breeding philosophy is based on the rules of nature: the mating takes place in a completely spontaneous and unforced manner, as does the suckling and raising of the cubs alongside the mother. All this is because the bison was born to be free and not to be domesticated. Animals are slaughtered only to be consumed, never before 30 months of age and strictly on the same farm, to spare the animal the unnecessary stress of the trip to the slaughterhouse. Of Massimiliano Gatti’s bison nothing goes to waste, according to him this is the best way to thank and honor such a noble beast.

MASSIMILIANO GATTI is a young entrepreneur who in 2015, after tasting bison meat for the first time in his life and being strongly moved, decided to start documenting and researching in order to succeed in bringing this majestic animal to Italy. Massimiliano realized his dream in 2018, setting up the first and only bison herd in Italy. Massimiliano’s deep respect for this beast drives him to research day by day the best technologies to put at the service of bison, from which he obtains fine and lean meat with high nutritional values and an inimitable taste.

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