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The People: Margherita, Benedetta, Silvia, Anna and Vittoria

The Philosophy: Cultivating the land using the latest technology to produce exceptional rice sustainably

Meracinque is a curious name, but not accidental. Meracinque is feminine strength, the strength of the family that decides to enhance its history and territory. Meracinque is the combination of two words: Mera, from wonder, the family nickname, the feeling of great joy that Meracinque products arouse; five, the number of the sisters who decided to meet again after so many years to join forces and carry on the family tradition. 
The strip of land on the border between Veneto and Lombardy where Meracinque’s lands are located has always been devoted to rice cultivation; this is why Meracinque’s five sisters have decided to take up their father’s legacy and if possible improve and innovate it, with sustainable and quality cultivation, as well as packaging aimed at being as less harmful to the environment as possible.

MARGHERITA, BENEDETTA, SILVIA, ANNA AND VITTORIA are as dynamic and diverse as you can get on a farm. Five independent women with five different characters, an example of determination and iron will. The sisters produce Carnaroli rice, a 5-fold rice: 

    1. Micro Natural, for high quality cultivation while respecting the environment;
    2. From Agriculture 4.0, that is, combining agricultural techniques with modern technology;
    3. Aged for one year;
    4. Dried at low temperature;
    5. Environmentally friendly, with agricultural techniques that can safeguard it.

Meracinque rice is the best you can find, ideal for cooking, healthy and environmentally friendly.

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