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The People: Enrico Novaro

The Philosophy: Enhance Taggiasca cultivar olive trees and make products that reflect the beauty and bounty of the Ligurian lands

Liguria, with its elevated coastline overhanging the sea, has a unique, temperate and pleasant microclimate. The ideal environmental conditions allow the inhabitants of these lands to have some culinary gems that cannot be found elsewhere, with a unique and inimitable flavor. Enrico Novaro’s farm is a concentration of the most delicious that the Ligurian land can offer. Ideally situated for the growth of olive trees, in an elevated position but at the same time bathed by the sea, Novaro practices heroic olive growing on slopes that would put even the most experienced climbers to shame. And in addition to Taggiasca cultivar olives, there could be no shortage of basil, the most brilliant diamond, with which Enrico produces the delicious Pesto alla Genovese.

ENRICO NOVARO is passion in person. He loves his oil and all his products, he is devoted and dedicated to them. His daily goal is to keep the quality of his small business at the highest level at all times, while also offering service to match his fantastic products. Taggiasca olives are his pride and joy; this is a variety often subject to fraud, but one whose historic trees Enrico proudly displays and whose flavor is not easily found elsewhere. 

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