Pasta di Gragnano artigianale dei fratelli Cuomo
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The People: Amelia, Anna and Alfonso Cuomo

The Philosophy: Enhancing the centuries-old family tradition by producing pasta in an artisanal way in the most vocational area in the world

When one thinks of pasta, one thinks of Gragnano. This town, nestled in a magical setting between Mount Vesuvius and the Amalfi Coast, has always produced a quality of pasta unmatched elsewhere, thanks precisely to the area’s climatic characteristics and the skill of the generations of pasta makers that have followed one another and still do today. 
In Gragnano, the Cuomo artisanal pasta factory has an incredible story to tell. Started in 1820, it continued its activity until 1939, then interrupting it for more than 60 years. At the beginning of the 2000s, however, the last three heirs of the Cuomo family, Amelia, Anna and Alfonso, children of Cavalier Mariano Cuomo, decided to take over the family business again, creating a production focused on enhancing the enormous quality of the pasta and the very old family tradition.

AMELIA, ANNA AND ALFONSO are three enterprising and innovative young people from Gragnano, as well as viscerally linked to their family history. The three young people grew up among the tales and myths of ancient Gragnano pasta, which is why after years of experience abroad they decided to return to their homeland to resume and enhance the family business. With their enthusiasm and ideas they have revived an artisanal pasta factory that is a Neapolitan and Italian heritage.

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