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The People: Maurizio Zanghielli

The Philosophy: Growing chili peppers “in the wild,” continuously researching and experimenting with new varieties and spicy eats

Trentino Alto Adige is not just cheese and cured meats. This was well understood by Maurizio Zanghielli, who in 2013 decided to make his passion his job. Until then, Maurizio had grown a few varieties of chili peppers on his balcony at home. However, as the Trentino climate, due to the large temperature range between day and night, is very suitable for the cultivation of this “little devil,” Maurizio decided to recover some old uncultivated land by planting what are now more than 30 varieties of chili peppers in constant update and evolution. It is precisely the favorable environmental conditions that make the Trentino chile pepper a product with a pronounced aroma and flavor and marked health properties.

MAURIZIO ZANGHIELLI is the most classic of rock souls. In his view, chili is a bit like music, the kind that charges you up and exhilarates you. All of his crops are grown using the technique of crop rotation, which keeps the soil healthy and prevents the proliferation of weeds. The only fertilizer he uses is manure, which complements a more natural cultivation than ever before.

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