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The People: Paola, Vittoria and Nunziante

The Philosophy: Growing and using only the best products from the Lucanian soil to make natural and nutritious products

In the heart of southern Italy, more precisely in the beautiful Val d’Agri, among the stunning hills of Basilicata and the Maglie River, mother Paola and her two children Vittoria and Nunziante live in the heart of a forest, running their farm. “Per Boschi e Contrade” is the name they have chosen, in honor of their land. 
Driving along a long dirt road a few kilometers from the town of Sarconi, famous for its beans, they arrive at an ethereal, almost fairy-tale dwelling. It is here that Paola, Vittoria and Nunziante process the best vegetables and fruits of their land to create original and delicious jams, as well as a wide range of legumes and grains. Their secret is the environment in which the raw materials grow and in which the processing is carried out, an enchanted place that gives the family’s jams flavors and fragrances that cannot be found elsewhere. You will not be able to find among the products of “Per Boschi e Contrade” anything that is not of Lucanian origin, because everything needed there has always existed.

PAOLA, VITTORIA AND NUNZIANTE are mother and sons. Originally from Campania, when Vittoria and Nunziante were children they used to spend summers in their home nestled in the woods of Lucania. However, the call of this magnificent land grew stronger and stronger over the years until the family decided to move there permanently. So it was then that it came natural, as soon as the children were grown, to start cultivating and processing the jewels of the Lucanian land in order to enhance the treasures that this generous land has to offer. 

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