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The People: Enrico De Lorenzo

The Philosophy: Use the magnificent products of Salento to create traditional sauces and gravies made the way grandma used to make them

The people of Salento like the simple life, good food and good wine. Enrico De Lorenzo is a Salento DOC who grew up among the enchanted places in the heel of Italy and decided to believe in it. Here is “why he believes” Enrico, because he knows and was born among genuine food, he knows that cooking naturally can be done, all it takes is a pot, a little patience and a lot of love. All the sauces, sauces and patè at Perché ci credo are cut by hand and cooked slowly for a long time, pampering the wonderful Salento raw material so that it can release its best aromas. Enrico De Lorenzo respects the dictates of the Mediterranean diet, using the freshest vegetables and only the best Italian extra virgin olive oil.

ENRICO DE LORENZO does not allow preservatives, dyes or additives in his recipes. Forged by extensive experience as a food consultant, Enrico in 2007 crowned his dream by opening “Perché ci credo” to make absolutely artisanal sauces and preserves that are the daughters of Salento grandmothers’ recipes. Enrico believes in the onion that meets good oil in the pan, he believes in red pulp and red wine, in the feast of flavors that comes from the meeting of peppers and zucchini: all this can be found in a jar, capable of giving authentic emotions. 

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