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The People: Alessandro Bandinelli

The Philosophy: Producing authentic wines with biodynamic methods, as their father and grandfather did

Podere Fornace Prima is history and nature. History because its land is located in the renowned Chianti area, a few kilometers from Vinci, the town of Leonardo; nature because every single step that leads the vineyard to grow and produce grapes that then become wine is followed and executed according to biodynamic principles. 
Alessandro Bandinelli believed in biodynamic methods from the beginning, even when it seemed to be a counterproductive and unpopular choice. In reality, Alessandro simply followed the dictates of his grandfather and father who, before him, had cultivated the 5 hectares of the family vineyard, always in a natural way and without the aid of chemistry. Even wood has been banished in Alessandro’s cellar, in which only steel and especially concrete containers are used, to allow the wines of this splendid land the freedom to make themselves felt in all their natural richness.

ALESSANDRO BANDINELLI proudly cultivates the land of Podere Fornace Prima, handed down to him from his father Giovanni, who in turn inherited it from his grandfather Elia. Today his daughter Olivia is learning all the family secrets to be ready to take the reins of the farm when the time comes. His philosophy is simple: nature provides everything needed to produce wine, which does not need synthetic substances or “little helpers” employed to achieve mere economic goals, to the detriment of the quality of the wine and the health of those who drink it. Alessandro cultivates the vineyard following lunar phases and using green manure, ancient and natural methods, from which come out unique and unrepeatable wines, made by people, like Alessandro, who really care about their work.

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