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The People: Michela and Chiara Marenda

The Philosophy: Growing Langhe hazelnuts, the family treasure, and turning them into irresistible sweet and savory products

The natural landscape of the Langhe, in Piedmont, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site a few years ago. On its stupendous, almost fairy-tale-like hillsides, in addition to the vine, another crop is practiced that has made these places world famous: the hazelnut.
The Tonda Gentile Trilobata is cultivated only at heights above 600 meters, in the so-called Alta Langa. Here for generations the Marenda family has had a few hectares of land that they employ precisely for the production of this magnificent variety of hazelnut. Until 2016, hazelnuts were sold by the company only in shell, but since Michela and Chiara inherited the company from their father, the two girls have also started a small farm workshop aimed at processing hazelnuts to create sweet and savory derivatives.

MICHELA AND CHIARA MARENDA have a visceral attachment to Alta Langa, and hazelnuts run through their veins. In their small family business, they passionately follow the different stages of production, from the harvesting of hazelnuts to their processing and on to the final product. In love with their land, they cultivate hazelnut trees with full respect for nature and for their processed products they use only genuine ingredients that manage to make the most of what is recognized as the best hazelnut in the world.

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