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The People: Pietro, Paolo and Anna Marchi

The Philosophy: Continue to cultivate the vineyard as our ancestors did, with full respect for their native soil and without added chemicals

The story of Sa Defenza (“The Defense” in Sardinian dialect) begins in Donori, a small town in southern Sardinia, in the early 1900s, when Giovanni Bussu moved to the area, buying 150 hectares of land and a house. About 60 years later, his grandson Salvatore Marchi set up his own farming business. It will be only his children, however, Pietro, Paolo and Anna, who will begin to ponder the idea of bottling the wine obtained from the family vineyards. So in 2013 work officially began on the new winery, for an activity that to date has very few years of life but a quality of wines from decades of experience.
The farm also includes a few hectares of orchards, olive trees and Mediterranean scrub in the wild, in addition to the only 14 hectares under vine. Sa Defenza’s is an artisanal and limited production, made with respect for nature in the wild state in which the farm is completely immersed and with respect for those who taste and appreciate the wines of this very generous land. 
Sa Defenza, “The Defense,” is a tribute to the Sardinian land, capable of protecting those who inhabit it and giving them excellent fruits, without asking anything in return.

THE BROTHERS MARCHI (Pietro, Paolo and Anna), are a concentrate of hospitality and kindness, as are all the true inhabitants of Sardinia. They make work a concrete cultural matter: their land has always been generous to them and their ancestors, it has cared for, nurtured and defended them, and they are grateful to it. That is why vineyard cultivation and winemaking take place with entirely natural methods that respect and enhance the soils. Thanks to the meticulousness and spontaneity they put from the vineyard to the winery, the Marchi brothers manage to transfer inside those who taste their wines a small piece of Sardinia, making even those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience this wonderful land feel at home. 

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