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The People: Team Sabadi

The Philosophy: Enhance the incredible Sicilian raw materials and in particular Modica chocolate, the best chocolate in the world

Modica is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. Walking through its streets you can breathe in all the Baroque style that dominates the buildings of this town. In addition to the artistic style, however, Modica is famous for a particular sweetness, still produced here with the methods used centuries ago: the Chocolate of Modica, king of all chocolates. Here, strolling through the center of town, one can come across the Sabadi workshop, an institution in the production of Modica chocolate. At Sabadi, they are masters of the noble art of chocolate making, of which Modica’s is probably the brightest star, because it is still made of the highest quality raw materials processed in an artisanal way and with ancient methods.

SABADI is a unique artisan chocolate shop. Unique because it produces high quality Modica chocolate, so much so that it has won the award for best Modica chocolate several times, and because it is the first chocolate shop in the world to have a cellar for aging chocolate. Here the products of the master chocolatiers rest along with the aromas of the truest Sicily: flowers, spices, herbs, salt and more. Sabadi also produces special sweets and fruit nectars from only Sicilian citrus fruits, true healthy and natural delights that quench thirst and refresh.

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