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The People: Dario Ficara

The Philosophy: To restore great value to Sicilian products, making them through the teachings of our ancestors but with the help of modern technology

Contrada Cavasecca is located in the middle of a land of ancient olive-growing tradition, nestled between the imposing Iblei Mountains and the splendid Mediterranean Sea. Tenuta Cavasecca is located in this very contrada, in the midst of unspoiled nature and on fertile soil. Olive trees, both young and centuries old, of indigenous Sicilian cultivars such as the historic Nocellara and Tonda Iblea or the very rare and almost lost Siracusana, surround and protect an old-built farmhouse, where you can enjoy tastings of the fantastic oil of Dario Ficara, the young owner who inherited this priceless treasure of peace and nature from his parents. Here there are no compromises: the oil is made using ancient methods but with the help of state-of-the-art machinery, capable of giving a unique and inimitable product, worthy of the land where it is born.

DARIO FICARA is a young man who opted for a radical choice, favoring the heart over the rhythms imposed by modern society. After brilliantly completing his university studies and spending several years abroad, Dario decided to heed the call of his homeland, returning to his homeland and inheriting from his father Antonio and mother Lucia Tenuta Cavasecca, which the two parents had been lovingly caring for since the 1990s. Dario’s visceral love for his homeland can be found in every drop of extra virgin oil extracted from the olives of his centuries-old trees.

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