“Chi va in letto sensa çenn-a, tûtta a nêutte se remenn-a.”
“Those who go to bed without supper all night are struggling. “

Liguria is a wonderful land of sun and sea. The protection of the mountains to the north gives this region a microclimate that is unique in the world and capable of giving rise to culinary gems that are unmatched. With a great maritime tradition, the city of Genoa is the capital and most famous city of Liguria; stupendous, on the other hand, are the Cinque Terre, five small villages located in the eastern part of Liguria where it seems as if you are immersing yourself in an earthly paradise.
A symbol of this region, and of Genoa in particular, is Pesto alla Genovese, a world-famous sauce made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, aged cheese, coarse salt and EVO oil. Taggiasche olives, on the other hand, are Liguria’s most delicious fruit, coveted and appreciated all over the world.

A small region with great products, discover the Liguria of food!