“Pussée che mangià e bev se po minga fa.”
“More than eating and drinking cannot be done.”

If you say Lombardy, you say Italy. In this region, in fact, the two symbols of Made in Italy find great fortune and prominence: food and fashion. Modern, avant-garde cities like Milan but also stupendous landscapes, such as the wild Valtellina or the stunning lakes of Como and Garda. Lombardy’s natural beauty can also be appreciated thanks to its particularly suited wine-growing areas, such as Franciacorta, where what is often called “Italy’s Champagne” is produced, or Oltrepò Pavese, a less renowned and well-known area but extraordinary for the quality of its wine and the skill of its vintners.
You cannot say you know Lombardy if you have never tried saffron risotto, known as “alla milanese,” or Milanese cutlet; on the other hand, it was in this region that the quintessential Italian Christmas dessert, Panettone, was born.

Have fun discovering the delights of Lombardy, the queen of Italy!

14,10 about 340 g


Aged Robiola

9,90 about 370 g