Vista di un vigneto in Campania

“The biggest problem is the loss of the symbolic value of foods. They have become commodities, soulless consumer goods.”

We take our cue from the words of Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, to tell about our philosophy.
The first time we read this simple sentence, we felt touched to the core, to our pride, by a statement as true and relevant as ever. From that moment some thing must have been ignited, perhaps a spark that in a short time managed to ignite the fire of passion, necessary to bring Gustatium to life.

This is precisely why over time we decided to make these words our mission. Our aspiration is to be able to give luster and prestige to those who daily guide the birth of the best of Italian food and wine. We aim to give back a soul to the products of the earth, fighting a globalized drift that is leading us to nullify biodiversity, culinary tradition and the love for food that should be taken for granted when we sit down at the table.

Campo di Castradure sull'isola di Sant'Erasmo

For us, Italian food has always been a serious matter. We were tired of having to spend hours or days searching for products that had a certain Italian origin and a production chain that was attentive to the quality and health of the consumer, as well as the territory. It is precisely on this need then that our philosophy is based, and that is why we select our products based on 3 levels: genuine taste, the raw materials used, and the method of cultivation or farming.

We are convinced that this represents a new level of quality in the world of food and wine, and we proudly carry forward the idea that food should not only be judged by its goodness, but also by the stories of people and places that it tells us, making us dream and excite us.

Campo di Castradure sull'isola di Sant'Erasmo
Foto con Dispensa Rubini alla fuera Pitti Taste

We know our producers personally, because we still believe in the importance of the human relationship. We visit their extraordinary realities and listen to their story, giving a face and a guaranteed provenance to all our products. We assimilate their passion to try to pass it on to you as well.

Let yourself go and enjoy the journey through the Italy of food artisans we have prepared for you!

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