We are Italians. Three simple words to describe Gustatium. It’s inevitable, sooner or later we Italians fall in love with enogostranomy, that’s who we are. And when this love it’s so visceral and powerful that makes you unable to think about anything else, the perfect time to create ambitious and sincere ideas arises.

We did our best. We thought, we inquired ourselves and we thought again about what we could possibly do to keep our country’s biggest treasure alive. Months of research and selection went by: we crossed the Po valley, climbed the Alpes, entered in the densest Apennines woods, reached the Vesuvius’s foothills and sailed till the most isolated Italian islands. We have committed ourselves to figure out the secrets of the greatest master dairymen, we smelled the perfume of the wheat milling, we amazed ourselves while listening to every gastronomic legend and for every bottle of wine that we tasted, product of an almighty nature.

Everything in order to supply you only with the best of the Italian enogastronomic production, i.e., the most sophisticated products, unobtainable in the mass distribution, those that without us would remain hidden in their territories and available only to the lucky few. We decided to make them accessible to all because we believe that anyone should have at hand, or in this case at click, only the best quality of food, which is healthy and genuine as it was once done, free from the industry and that, despite everything, exists and resists. Especially in Italy, land of great poets, writers, travelers and painters, united however by one certainty: the love for the good cuisine.

At this point, we hope to have presented ourselves clearly, to have transmitted you at least a minimum part of the emotions that we feel every day being in contact with unique food and wines.

Sfondo Gustatium Toscana