It is of utmost importance to us that we are able to provide you with excellent service so that you are satisfied in every way. That is why we treat each of our shipments as if it were the first and take care to be as clear as possible about timing, packaging and shipping costs.



  • Throughout Italy, including the smaller islands.
  • To countries within the European Union, namely:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary.
We are also gearing up to ship to all non-EU countries. If you live in one of these countries and would also like to try the fantastic Italian specialties we have to offer right away, don’t despair, send us an email to indicating your country of origin; we will arrange a shipment as soon as possible to be able to satisfy your craving for Italian food!



We are sure that in order to taste real Italian food, you would spare no expense. In any case, we try our best to offer you the best possible conditions.
For shipments to Italy we distinguish between two categories: the smaller islands, including hard-to-reach locations, and the rest of Italy.
The rates are as follows:

Shipping costs = € 6.90
Free shipping = for orders over € 69

Smaller islands and hard-to-reach locations
Shipping cost = €17.90
Free shipping = € 149
The following zip codes are to be understood in this area: 04027 07024 09014 30100 30121…30126 30132…30133 30135 30141…30142 57030…57034 57036…57039 58012 80071 80073…80077 80079 82011 83031 85041 91017 91023 98055

For shipments to Europe, we have set up customized price bands, in which shipping costs and threshold for free freight are distinguished according to the country of shipment.

Group 1
Austria, Belgium, France (excluding islands), Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco.
Shipping costs = € 13.90
Free shipping = € 129

Group 2
Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (excluding islands), Sweden
Shipping costs = € 17.90
Free shipping = € 149

Group 3
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal (excluding islands), Romania, Hungary
Shipping costs = € 19.90
Free shipping = € 169

If your country is not in any of these groups send us an email to explaining your needs; we will reply trying to solve as best we can by scheduling a shipment!



We receive your order and ship it within 24/36 hours after payment confirmation. If payment is made by bank transfer, we will have to wait for credit in our account (1-2 business days).
For certain orders containing delicate products, such as cheeses and cold cuts, and placed during the summer period on Thursdays and Fridays, it may happen that the shipment will take place on the next business day, just so as not to risk affecting the quality of the products.



Once your order is shipped, the delivery time of your order depends solely on our couriers. We rely on GLS and BRT couriers for our shipments.

In Italy, delivery usually takes 24/48 hours from the time of departure from our warehouse. For deliveries to islands and areas considered inconvenient, delivery may take up to 72 hours.

In Europe, delivery can be made in as little as 48 hours in the case of countries geographically close and excellently connected to Italy, but can take up to 6 or 7 days for countries farther away and more difficult to reach from Italy.

N.B.: Remember to enter a delivery address where you are sure someone will be at the time of delivery, to avoid delays and stopping the goods in unsuitable environments.



The excellent Italian food products that arrive in our warehouse from producers all over Italy are spoiled and pampered by us. Cured meats and cheeses, already portioned and strictly vacuum-packed, are stored in cold storage at a temperature between 0 and 4°C; even artisanal beers, being unpasteurized, are stored at 0-4°C, mainly to avoid their deterioration and loss of organoleptic characteristics. Wine, oil and all products dried or in vacuum-packed jars are placed away from sources of light and heat, as well as in a dry environment free of temperature changes.

At the time of shipment, all our attention is paid to the product: we aim to protect it in any way from possible breakage or organoleptic deterioration. Your order is prepared and placed inside the special Gustatium box made of thick double-wave cardboard and sealed with packing tape. On each box, at the sealed slot, the Gustatium “guarantee stamp” is placed: this way you will be sure that no one will have tried to taste before you the specialties you ordered!

This is why our most delicate products, the cold cuts and cheeses, are placed inside special isothermal bags together with bags of slow-release gel ice; this packaging allows the products to travel while maintaining a very low temperature for days even in the hottest periods. We would also like to remind you that since our cured meats and cheeses are aged, there is no obligation to absolutely maintain the cold chain: our isothermal packaging is above all a form of love for Italian food and for the customer.

Beers, unfiltered and unpasteurized, are taken from the cells and immediately placed inside isothermal bubble wrap, which will be able to protect them from shocks and high temperatures.

Wine and oil bottles are placed inside shockproof inflatable bags, which will keep them immobile and away from any other surface throughout the journey.

Food in vacuum-packed jars or other fragile containers are wrapped in a layer of protective bubble wrap that will preserve them from contact with other hard surfaces and possible breakage.

If you are curious about how we package or if you would like further confirmation regarding the accuracy of our packaging, watch the video in our main section on HOW WE PROTECT PRODUCTS DURING SHIPMENT!