“Acqua d’austu ogghiu e mustu.”
“Water in August, oil and must.”

In Sicily, good food, millennia-old history, art and culture left by peoples over the centuries and natural beauty combine to create a paradise that has no equal in the world. A whole year would not be enough to fully appreciate all that Sicily has to offer: the ancient Valley of the Temples takes one back to the cradle of civilization, the snow-white Scala dei Turchi leaves anyone lucky enough to admire it open-mouthed, and the stunning islands of Favignana, Lampedusa and Pantelleria seem like a gift from the gods to man. If to all this (and much more) we add the warm hospitality of the Sicilian people and the delicious food handed down from generation to generation, we have everything we can dream of.
The specialties you absolutely must know in order to call yourself a lover of Sicily are caponata, arancini, chocolate from Modica, and his majesty the Sicilian cannolo. The majestic volcano Etna is fertile ground for two absolute excellences of the island: Bronte pistachio and Etna wine.

Don’t miss the chance to taste the best that Sicily has to offer!

10,70 about 500 g
11,90 about 500/550 g