The ritual of Taste

Have you ever seen a person being sad in front of a table spread with food and filled chalices? If the answer is yes, it’s only because that person hasn’t known Gustatium yet.

When approaching food or wine, you won’t be able to enjoy its taste fully if you don’t learn to overcome the mere sense of it. Make it a ritual, be meticulous when choosing, take your time to get to know the story of the product, the efforts spent to obtain it, the emotions of the producers and the challenges that the land from which it was born has accomplished.

Imagine which might be the flavors and aromas it will release towards you, plan already in which occasion and with whom it might be enjoyed. Let yourselves be temped by the idea of tasting that specific bottle of wine, so desirable and refined, during a starry night spent with friends as in a typical, timeless Italian summer. Dream of having that desired dish of pasta, made of ancient flavors and knowledge, result of a land marked by history, arts and beauty. Doing so, it will be easy for you to comprehend the pure meaning of excellence if shared with the ones you love.
Here’s where the wait will transform into something wonderful, amplifying the pleasure of taste.
Only in that moment, when you will observe it carefully, touch it gently, smell it to understand its most hidden aromas and listen to it to receive the story and the emotions that it encloses, you will be ready to be overwhelmed by the essence of that earth’s treasure. A Gustatium treasure.

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