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The People: Marco Merli

The Philosophy:Producing authentic wines, the way it used to be done, regardless of passing fads

North of Perugia, in the beautiful Altotiberini Hills, Marco Merli runs his small winemaking business as a true artisan of wine. Just 7 hectares of vineyard located in a small village with a sibylline and intriguing name: Casa del Diavolo (House of the Devil).  The Marco Merli vineyards are those inherited from his father Enzo, who had purchased them in 2000 from a property where Marco’s grandfather had worked. Marco has recovered abandoned lands and native varieties such as Sangiovese and Trebbiano above all, but also Grechetto, Malvasia nera, Ciliegiolo and many others, in a true work of love and gratitude towards his native land. Marco Merli’s respect for the environment can also be found in his cultivation and winemaking techniques, marked by a constant desire for experimentation and innovation through natural means and methods, aimed at creating wines reminiscent of those of the past, when technology was not used to mask the true essences of wine.

MARCO MERLI is a reserved person who learned much of the work in the vineyard and cellar from his father, to which he added his own ideas, characteristics and personal touch. Marco left his job as a designer in fashion to devote body and soul to his wines, in which the talented Umbrian boy’s sense of taste and aesthetics is clearly found. The vineyards of Marco Merli, whimsical by nature, could only be cultivated according to natural methods, leaving the grapes free to express the territory within the wine.

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